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Financial troubles for Moldova to result in internal selection?

Moldova were one of the last countries to publicly confirm their participation in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, due to be held in Kyiv next May. The reason for this late confirmation may have been a result of the financial troubles that are facing the Moldovan broadcaster TRM and these budgeting constraints may still have an impact on Moldova’s Eurovision 2017 selection process. Leonid Melnic, general producer at Moldova 1 and a key figure in the organisation of Moldova’s Eurovision entries, has explained in a statement to news and entertainment website that there is a significant possibility that the broadcaster will use an internal selection for 2017.

“Teleradio Moldova is in a deep financial crisis, so we may not organise the national pre-selection. I have not yet taken a final decision, so any suggestions are just guesses. Now there are elections in Moldova and once they are over, we will work on our Eurovision project for 2017” – Leonid Melnic

The possibility of an internal selection would be a significant change for Moldova who has used a national selection, O melodie pentru Europa, to select every single Moldovan Eurovision entry since their debut in 2005 except on one occasion. This occasion was in 2007, another occasion where TRM were suffering from severe budgeting constraints, when an eight-member jury internally selected Fight by Natalia Barbu to participate in Helsinki. In reaching 10th place, Fight is Moldova’s second most successful Eurovision entry with only their debut entry by Zdob și Zdub improving upon Natalia’s result, with a 6th place finish.

In recent years, Moldova have struggled in Eurovision so perhaps this situation could become a blessing in disguise. After appearing in the grand final in eight of their first nine Eurovision appearances, the country has now failed to qualify for the final for three years in a row. Of these non-qualifications, Eduard Romanyuta came closest to qualifying by finishing 11th in the first semi-final in 2015. It is also worth noting that following his failure to win the Romanian national selection earlier this year, Mihai Trăistariu has stated that he still wants to return to Eurovision but only to represent Moldova. Perhaps TRM will take Mihai up on his offer?

Do you think an internal selection could improve Moldova’s Eurovision fortunes? Would you like to see TRM internally select Mihai? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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