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France: Around 300 songs submitted

After Amir’s successful 6th place in Stockholm last May, it seems that the French music industry has gotten behind Eurovision. According to France 2 —the channel in charge of organising the French participation— around 300 songs have been submitted during the prosperous three-month long submission process that opened back in September.
The public broadcaster usually handled the process internally and record labels and producers who were interested proposed the artists and the songs to the broadcaster. However, this year France 2 has opened the process again, which could translate into a growing interest in the contest from the broadcaster given this year’s good results.

That does not mean that France 2 won’t reach out to artists and record labels to add new songs into their selection process, trying to attract renowned singers like they did with Amir, who gave the country its best result in Eurovision since 2002.

Joel Artigas

I am a politics student and geopolitics lover who lives and breathes Eurovision every single day of the year. I also love blasting schlager on my headphones while wearing an unamused face.

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