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Albania selects Lindita for Kyiv

Lindita Halimi has emerged victorious at Festivali i Kengës, earning the right to represent Albania at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Lindita, 27, was making her second attempt to sing for her country, and succeeded with the song ‘Botë’, which means “World”.
In a marathon 3hr30 show, 14 songs contended to claim the 55th FiK crown. The eventual final result emerged with the following at the top of the scoreboard:

1. Lindita Halimi – ‘Botë’
2. Genc Salihu – ‘Këtu’
3. Dilan Reka – ‘Mos haro’
4. Yll Lymani – ‘Shiu’
For the first time in the 55 year history of Festivali i Kengës, the public had a say in the final result. Awarding points as if a juror themselves, the public only had Lindita in 4th place, but her win was already secure. The public maximum score went to Yll Lymani, moving him up into 4th place. The public vote had Dilan Reka in second.
Albania now becomes the first country to present both song and artist for 2017, though significant reworkings of Albanian entries are not unusual to see.

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