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Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2017 running order

Earlier today, SVT held a press conference to reveal the running order of Melodifestivalen 2017. The press conference was lead by Christer Björkman.
The running order is as follows:

Heat 1 (Gothenburg)

  1. Boris René
  2. Adrijana
  3. Dinah Nah
  4. Det Vet Du
  5. Charlotte Perrelli
  6. Ace Wilder
  7. Nano

Heat 2 (Malmö)

  1. Mariette
  2. Roger Pontare
  3. Etzia
  4. Allyawan
  5. Dismissed
  6. Lisa Ajax
  7. Benjamin Ingrosso

Heat 3 (Växjö)

  1. Robin Bengtsson
  2. Krista Siegfrids
  3. Anton Hagman
  4. Jasmine Kara
  5. Owe Thörnqvist
  6. Bella & Filippa
  7. The Fooo Conspiracy

Heat 4 (Skellefteå)

  1. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia
  2. Alice
  3. Les Gordons
  4. Wiktoria
  5. Axel Schylström
  6. Sara Varga & Juha Mulari
  7. Loreen


Typically, the last place is seen as the best slot in each heat. Considering this, it appears that Nano, Benjamin Ingrosso, The Fooo Conspiracy and Loreen have the biggest chances to qualify. Overall, being drawn last place in the last heat is seen as the ultimate “pimp slot”. Former Eurovision winner Loreen might be on her way to a second Melodifestivalen win if the stars align. At the very least, SVT has a lot of confidence in her and her song.
Interestingly enough, this running order appears to be more or less identical to a leaked running order. This picture circulated on social media last month, making fans speculate whether it was the actual running order. As we can see today, only two of the heats had their running orders changed. Heat 2 saw most of their entries shuffled around. In heat 3, only Bella & Filippa and The Foo Conspiracy swapped places.
Just like in Eurovision, being drawn #2 is seen as a dud, but it’s not an impossible feat to qualify. Alice, Krista (Finland 2013), Roger Pontare (Sweden 2000), and Adrijana will be fighting the odds.

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