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Georgia picks Tako Gachechiladze for Kyiv

Georgia have selected their entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Tako Gachechiladze will travel to Kyiv to represent her country with her self-composed entry Keep The Faith. Tako previously won the 2009 Georgian ticket as part of Stephane & 3G, but the group then withdrew after EBU complaints about their song, We Don’t Wanna Put In.

Juries help Tako get to Eurovision

During the national final, juries had a bigger share of vote than the televoters. Juries gave out 98 points to Tako. Maliibu, runner-up for the jury, managed to get 95 points. Televoters however put Tako in second place, behind Oto Nemsadze & Group Limbo with their song Dear God. A total of 122 points turned out to bring Tako a comfortable victory, with Nutsa Buzaladze in second, on 107 points. The Mins completed the top three, with 105 points.

Is the controversy back too for Georgia?

Back in 2009, Tako and her fellow entrants performed a song which wasn’t too well received by the EBU. The EBU then deemed the song too political for the Eurovision Song Contest and asked the Georgians to change part of the lyrics. The Georgians however refused and stayed home from the 2009 contest, held in Moscow.
In her national final performance, Tako once again looked at the current state of the world. In the background during her performance, we see several headlines from the past few years, including Russia invades Georgia. The question remains whether the Georgian delegation want to bring the same backdrop to the Ukrainian capital and, at the same time, how EBU would react to it.

The story so far…
With Georgia and Belarus, we now have a total of three entries for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Unless we get unexpected internal selections, the next songs to join the line-up will be the United Kingdom (27th January) and Finland (28th January). Which song is your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments below, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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Comments on Georgia picks Tako Gachechiladze for Kyiv

  • Toma

    Tako’s song is just amazing & marvelous!!! I like it very much!!! The world must not lose HOPE!!! The world must not lose FAITH!!! And if everyone will keep hope & faith,you’ll see that whole world will change and will be better than now!!! So people “Keep The Faith” where ever YOU are ! <3

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