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Naviband to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2017

Naviband are going to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2017 with the song Historyja majho zyccia (Story of my Life). It is performed in the Belarusian language, a Eurovision first for Belarus. Furthermore, this was the band’s 3rd attempt to win the ticket to Eurovision. In 2015 they didn’t even pass the audition and, in 2016, they ended up in 4th place.

Getting to know Naviband

First of all, they are 2 talented young singers: Kseniya Zhuk and Artyom Lukyanenko. Both of them also play musical instruments! For example, Kseniya plays the piano and Artyom plays the guitar. Besides Kseniya and Artyom, the band consists of Alexander Tobolskiy (electric guitar), Vladislav Cheschevik (bass guitar), Vladimir Beger (drums).

Naviband, the Belarusian representatives for Eurovision 2017
Naviband was formed in 2013. So far, they have 2 albums: LOVI (2013) and Illuminatsiya (2017). In addition, they have received both national and international awards and recognition. The band performs Belarusian indie music.

Recapping the Belarusian national final

The Belarusian national final took place on 20th January. In order to find a winner, the results were determined by 50% jury voting and 50% public voting. Overall, Naviband were competing against 12 other artists.
Here are the top 3 finishers:

  1. Naviband – Historyja majho zyccia
  2. Nuteki – Take My Heart
  3. Anastasiya Sheverenko – We’ll Be Together

The band is really excited and proud about singing in Belarusian. It actually sounds quite cool and catchy! Let’s see if the Eurovision audience is going to like the song.

Maybe 2017 will be the year Belarus will finally get lucky? Also, what do you guys think about the entry? Let us know in the comments section below and via Facebook and Twitter @escXtra!

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