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Live: Girls Night in Switzerland – ESC 2017 Entscheidungsshow

Tonight, Switzerland will choose their representative for Kyiv in their Entscheidunggsshow. Before the show starts at 20.05 CET today, you can check out our review of the past Swiss preselections here. Lateron, we will provide you with our live blog of the show right here.
What we can guarantee you for tonight is a lot of girl power, as five of the six competing artists are female solo singers. The sixth act is a band with another female lead singer. The six contestants were chosen by a jury of 19 musical experts. Tonight, the final call is all up to the Swiss TV viewers. This is the running order for tonight’s Entscheidungsshow:

  1. Nadya – “The Fire In The Sky”, written by Ricardo Sanz
  2. Ginta Biku – “Cet air là”, written by Ginta Biku, LIM (Salim Lakhdari), Johan Czerneski, and Daniel Kromo Kromolowski
  3. Michèle – “Two Faces”, written by Laura Kloos, Hermann Niesig, Nils Brunkhorst, and Michèle Bircher
  4. Freschta – “Gold”, written by Iris Bösiger, Christoph Bauss, Christopher Heath, Simon Adrian, and Freschta Akbarzada
  5. Shana Pearson – “Exodus”, written by Denniz Jamm, Andreas Stone Johansson, and Mahan Moin
  6. Timebelle – “Apollo”, written by Elias Näslin, Nicolas Günthardt, and Alessandra Günthardt

Leading through the night will be Swiss Eurovision expert Sven Epiney. Also, you can look forward to Sebalter as interval act presenting his new single “Weeping Willow”. Let’s hope we won’t end up weeping tonight.
Yesterday, Ryan published an article which looked at the Swiss selection procedure through the years. Take a look at that before tonight’s show to find out how we ended up here with Die Entscheidungsshow!
The live blog below will appear below from 20:00. You will not need to refresh the page, the blog will automatically update as entries are made. Join myself, Sophie Haustein, for the show tonight and if you’re watching too, get in touch with us on Twitter @escXtra.

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