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Timebelle to represent Switzerland in Kyiv!

The Swiss have decided to send Timebelle to Kyiv in May. The band around Romanian singer Miruna Manescu will represent Switzerland with their pop ballad “Apollo”.
Six acts performed at ESC 2017 Entscheidungsshow tonight, providing a mixture of ballads and electro-pop songs. Half of the show was filled with Eurovision flashbacks, though, emphasising again and again how much of a career boost Eurovision can be. So, we should be expecting Timebelle to become an international success now. Their dramatic performance including a hot red dress as well as shattering red roses definitely made an impression on the Swiss tv viewers. Also, the singer eating honey out of a jar just before the performance to ‘make her voice sweet’ appareantly did its trick.
Listen to Timebelle’s winning song “Apollo” below and let us know what you think about it!

Update: Full voting results

In the last few minutes, SRF have also revealed the full televoting results. Check them out below!

Artist Song Percent Place
Timebelle Apollo 47.88% 1
Nadya The Fire In The Sky 18.02% 2
Michรจle Two Faces 11.44% 3
Ginta Biku Cet Air La 8.31% 4
Shana Pearson Exodus 7.56% 5
Freschta Gold 6.79% 6

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