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The Fooo Conspiracy become FO&O ahead of Melodifestivalen début

Over the weekend, record label TEN Music Group announced that their act, Sweden’s biggest boyband, have rebranded themselves following the leaving of a member on the eve of publicising their Melodifestivalen début. The Fooo Conspiracy have now become FO&O – Felix, Oscar & Omar.
The three time EMA winner for Best Swedish Act will make their Melodifestivalen début later this month with “Gotta Thing About You”, an uptempo pop song. Comprising now of just three members, Felix, aged 18, Oscar, 19 and Omar, also 18, the group released the following statement on Swedish television about their name change:
“We are still the same guys, it’s just the name that’s been changed. The fans haven’t changed, we haven’t changed. Our fans, Fooers, mean everything to us, they’re like our other half.”
FO&O have opened for global pop stars Justin Bieber and One Direction and will release their début album this coming spring, after their participation at Melodifestivalen 2017, and will contain their hit singles “My Girl”, “Summer Love” and “Who Doesn’t Love Love”. The group is tipped as one of the favourites to win the Swedish ticket to Kyiv, Ukraine, alongside previous winner and Eurovision champion, Loreen, and fellow Melodifestivalen débutant, Nano.
With this name change, the group have changed all of their usernames on social media. You can now follow the group on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube @FOandOmusic. Their Spotify account has become, simply, @FO&O.

Melodifestivalen 2017 awaits for FO&O

Melodifestivalen 2017 semifinal one took place last weekend. Nano and Ace Wilder went direct to the Final in Stockholm whilst Boris René and De Vet Du proceeded to Andra chansen. Semifinal two takes place this Saturday, February 11, in Malmö, semifinal three featuring FO&O takes place in Växjö on February 18 and semifinal four takes place in Skellefteå on February 25.
You can listen to “Who Doesn’t Love Love” below and let us know what you think of the name change in the comments below.

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