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Bulgarian media reveals Kristian Kostov is most likely Eurovision representative

Over the past few weeks, BNT have been keeping fans updated with their internal selection process via their Twitter page. Bulgaria’s national broadcaster initially announced a shortlist of six entries. These entries were then put in front of an international panel. As a result, BNT revealed that only three entries remained in the race. These entries are widely believed to be by Gery-Nikol, Krista and Kristian Kostov. The broadcaster also revealed that one of these entries had become a clear favourite. A breaking news report from Bulgarian website reveals this to be Kristian Kostov.

A decision against fan wishes?

This rumour first appeared via a statement from Ruth Koléva, another Bulgarian musician. She stated that an internal source had revealed that 16-year-old Kristian had received double the amount of points in comparison to second place from the international jury panel. Virginia Records have now confirmed to that they are in contract talks with BNT for Kristian to become the Bulgarian Eurovision representative. Nevertheless, they say that the final decision won’t become absolutely clear until early March. If reports are true and Kristian does become Bulgaria’s next Eurovision representative, this would no doubt come as a surprise to many Bulgarians and Eurovision fans alike.
For several weeks, many fans have expressed their desire for former X Factor Bulgaria contestant Gery-Nikol to be selected. The R&B star had topped a poll on which asked fans to choose their desired Bulgarian entrant. Once she became aware of this, she revealed she would consider taking up the opportunity. Fans’ excitement increased further once it was confirmed that she had indeed submitted a song to BNT, and that hints from BNT suggested she was amongst the final six. Nevertheless, claims that Gery-Nikol remains BNT’s second choice if contract negotiations with Kristian and Virginia Records fall through. Therefore, there may still be an outside chance for fans to get their wish.

Who is Kristian Kostov?

Like Gery-Nikol, Kristian is another alumni of X Factor Bulgaria. He took part in the competition last year, finishing as runner-up to Christiana Loizu. In 2014, Kristian also reach the final of The Voice Kids in Russia. Due to his young age, he has gained the reputation of being the “Bulgarian Justin Bieber”. You can watch the video for his most recent English-language single below.

If these reports turn out to be true, would you be happy with the selection of Kristian Kostov? Or were you one of the fans supporting Gery-Nikol? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and via our social media pages @escXtra!

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