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Alma (France) joins the London Eurovision Party

The London Eurovision Party is delighted to announce that Alma will be performing on the Café de Paris stage this April. She will be the French representative in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv in May.
Alma is the fourth artist to be announced for the party which is taking place in the iconic Leicester Square venue. The up-and-coming 28-year-old French popstar will present her Eurovision entry Requiem on April 2nd to a sold out audience.
Alma recently revealed she will add English lyrics to her entry for the Eurovision stage. If she goes ahead with this plan, it will no doubt go down well with fans here in the United Kingdom. Even if she doesn’t, we’re sure the audience will know the French lyrics by heart too!
Nazim Khaled wrote and produced Requiem. In addition, the French composer also had a hand in the making of J’ai cherché. Indeed, this song was last year’s French Eurovision entry and was performed by Amir.
We look forward to Alma hitting the stage in London in just a few weeks time! À bientôt!

Last year’s French performance in London!

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