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‘Lights and Shadows’ sees the daylight

After months of waiting, Dutch broadcaster AvroTros have revealed the song OG3NE will be singing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. As revealed yesterday, the song is called Lights and Shadows.

Lights and Shadows

The song is, as was said before, a power ballad. Shelley described it as an ode to their mother, a song of hope. After an extensive songwriting session with many songwriters, the girls decided to pick the song written by their father, Rick Vol, as well as Rory de Kievit, who happens to be Shelley’s boyfriend. It’s all in the family!
The girls also confirmed that Hans Pannecoucke will not be involved this year. The stage director has been involved in the past three Eurovision entries, coming up with the double microphone standard for The Common Linnets, Trijntje’s veil and Douwe Bob’s seconds of silence. OG3NE have chosen to work with the same director who directed their video.

From Lisa, Amy & Shelley to OG3NE

Lately the Dutch have shown a preference for revealing the artist early on, but leave the song quite late. OG3NE were announced as the Dutch entrants for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on 29th October. The girls had by then already been rumoured for over a year.
The girls originally performed under the name of Lisa, Amy & Shelley – their own names. They also went to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007, where they finished 11th. They rose to fame afterwards on The Voice of Holland as O’G3NE. For international purposes, they’ve now decided to lose the apostrophe and continue as OG3NE. During the press conference just now, Lisa said they aren’t stressed at all, as they’re used to the competition, referring to Junior Eurovision and The Voice of Holland.

First live performance

Often we need to wait quite a while for artists to perform their internally selected entries live for the very first time, but not this time. OG3NE will be guests on the late night talkshow RTL Late Night on RTL4 tonight. Host Humberto Tan announced that the girls will perform Lights and Shadows live during tonight’s show. For now, you can watch the studio version of Lights and Shadows below!

What do you think of the Dutch entry? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Thimber

    Great great song. This song is about the mother of these girls who is very ill.

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