Söngvakeppnin: Live interview with Daði Freyr

A week ago we sat down with Daði Freyr at Harpa. Wiv talked to him about tonight’s semi final. He is competing for the first time ever in Söngvakeppnin with a song he wrote himself. But being from Iceland he has been following Eurovison and is excited to get to be apart of it. This is what he had to say when we spoke to him. (I personally apologize for not so good camera work).

Daði Freyr is now currently living in Berlin and studying at dBs Music Berlin. Daði does a solo act under the name Mixophrygian which is some kind of synthapop. This is one of his songs; The Love!

Daði is also in a band called Lesula with his friend Jökull.  They perform electronic funk music, here is one of their songs.

We at escXtra wish Daði all the best tonight! And however the semifinal goes tonight, we are interested in seeing more of what he has to offer.

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