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The Söngvakeppnin final; all set!

After last night’s second semi, we now know all the acts that will compete in Saturday’s final of Söngvakeppnin 2017. And as we have suggested earlier; RÚV did indeed decide to take advantage of the wildcard option, so we will see a seven act final in Laugardalshöll.
From last weekend’s semi we already had Rúnar Eff, with his “Mér við hlið”, Aron Hannes, with “Nótt” and Arnar and Rakel with “Til mín”.

And from last night’s semi we got Svala with “Ég veit það”, Daði Freyr with “Hvað með það?” and Aron Brink with “Þú hefur dáleitt mig”.

There has been a lot of talk about the quality of the sound that was being broadcast from this year’s Söngvakeppnin, especially in the first semi. A lot of people, both the singers themselves, other music professionals and regular tv viewers have pointed out that the backing tracks were tuned much too low compared to the vocals, and also that some vocals were tuned way higher than other. Last night saw quite the oposite problem, with the backing tracks being tuned too high, to the point where people took to social media to complain that they could hardly make out the lyrics in some performances.
Because of these sound problems, people have been wondering if RÚV might use their opportunity to award a wildcard. A lot of people have said that Júli Heiðar and Þórdís deserve another chance, since many feel that their performance was completely ruined by RÚV, while others have said that Hildur deserve it, since she was also affected. And it was indeed Hildur who received the wildcard, meaning we will also get to hear “Bammbaramm” in the final.

This gives us the following seven finalists;
Rúnar Eff – Make My Way Back Home
Aron Hannes – Tonight
Arnar and Rakel – Again
Svala – Paper
Daði Freyr – Is It Love?
Aron Brink – Hypnotized
Hildur – Bammbaramm
(Click on their names to watch our video interviews with them.)
They will all be performing their entries in English in the final.
We will be back with the running order and our “want/think” polls later in the week!
Congrats to all seven finalists!

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