Daði Freyr covers Gleðibankinn, All Out of Luck and Is It True

Daði Freyr and his Is This Love? is one of the seven acts in the final of Söngvakeppnin 2017 on Saturday. In his everyday life he lives and studies in Berlin, but is staying in Iceland until after the final. So of course he needs to find something to do while waiting for Saturday to arrive. And what better way of waiting, than sharing his own very special cover versions of some of Iceland’s most iconic Eurovision entries?
It all started when he did a cover of Jóhanna Guðrún/Yohanna’s Is It True? back in early February. He posted this on his facebook page, and at the same time asked for requests from people for other Eurovision songs (preferably Icelandic) to cover.

This is most certainly very different to how we are used to hearing this song, and I have to admit; I love it!
The next one he did was Iceland’s first second place; Selma’s All Out of Luck.

He sent his video to Selma, and she must have loved it too, because not long after she posted the video on her own facebook page, along with this comment;
„Received this in my inbox from this wonderful young man, Daði Freyr, who in this video covers All Out of Luck in his own unique way. He has a song in the final of Söngvakeppnin on 11 March and I wish him the best of luck with his great song and unusual performance. A breath of fresh air in the Euroverse. Go Daði and the sweaters.”
Then, last Wednesday, he did his cover of Gleðibankinn on the national radio show Dagvaktinn, and this is when it started to really catch people’s attention.

These songs are among the dearest to many Icelanders, and it takes a brave man to cover them in such a massively different way to what has ever been done before. And so far it seems that people love his interpretations!
We are eagerly awaiting Daði’s next cover. May we suggest one of this writer’s Icelandic favorites; Draumur um Nínu or Minn hinsti dans? Það sem engin sér is another Icelandic antry that we think might be very well suited for some Daðification…pretty please?

Oh, and there’s a videogame too! Something to keep us all busy while we wait for Saturday! If you manage to help Daði gather up all his band members in time for Söngvakeppnin, and you send him proof that you rounded the game, you will receive a wonderful prize;

Your very own pixelated picture like this one!

Image; artist’s own
Here you can watch his performance from the semi. And I’ll repeat what I have said since I first heard this song; I would/will very happily support this song in Kyiv! (I prefer it in Icelandic, though…)

Also; have a look at our little chat in Harpa from last Friday! This also has a bit of live music in it!

Wishing Daði and his crew the best of luck in Saturday’s final, where they will be the last act on stage!

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