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Macedonia’s entry to be revealed this Friday

As we reach the end of the Eurovision selection season, there are only a handful of countries left to unveil their entries. MKRTV have today announced that their entry, performed by Jana Burcheska, will be revealed this Friday, 10th March.
The official preview video for the song will be introduced as part of Stisni Play, a music show hosted by Aleksandra Jovanovska. During the show, details regarding the creative and artistic team behind the song and stage performance will be released.
The show will begin at 20:15 CET this Friday and can be viewed via the MRT Play website.
Jana Burcheska spoke of the reveal:

“My heart beats high speed when I think of the promotion of the song. We all worked extremely hard on perfecting the final product and I really, truly, deeply hope the audience will like it. Enormous thanks to the full team behind both the audio and video, as well as to the continuous support by my domestic team from the National Broadcaster. Excitement is inevitable and hopefully contagious, looking forward to the public’s feedback!”

Whilst the title of the entry is not yet known, the song itself was chosen from a pool of over 200 submissions received worldwide.

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