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Alma from France releases new snippet of Requiem, with English lyrics!

Alma, the French representative in Eurovision 2017, has today released a 38-second snippet of the revamped version of her entry, “Requiem”.


Pleasing the Public

Alma aims to please both the French public with the original French lyrics, as well as the rest of Europe with English lyrics, which include:
Would you take me to paradise
With you nothing ever dies
You take my smile and make it bright
Before the night erases the light
I won’t go below silver skies
The only darkness is in your eyes
The snippet also shows a new instrumentation to the song, giving the song a completely new, gentler feel.
The full revamped version of France will be revealed in the upcoming days, most likely at the weekend, as the Heads of Delegation will be meeting on Monday in Kyiv. Monday, the 13th March, is also the final day for a broadcaster to submit its song to the EBU, although broadcasters could decide to reveal entries at a later date.

Betting Odds

The reveal of the snippet is yet to have an effect on France’s position in the betting odds; Requiem was 13th in the odds before the snippet reveal, possibly due to the positive reaction amongst fans to the song, and it is yet to move from that position. The song originally debuted at 20th in the betting odds, so the song has clearly become more popular as more songs have been revealed!

France in The Eurovision Song Contest

Alma and Reqiuem were announced as the French representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on the 7th February. Alma will participate in the final on the 13th May 2017.
Last year, in Stockholm, France was represented by Amir with the song “J’ai Cherché”. He came 6th with 257 points. This year, Amir will be the commentator for France, alongside Marianne James and Stéphane Bern.
How do you feel about the new version of Requiem? Is the English chorus better than the French? Comment below!

Luke Malam

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Comments on Alma from France releases new snippet of Requiem, with English lyrics!

  • Rigmo Kannike

    I much prefer how the french version sounded, something seems to be lost in the translation, but it IS only the snippet so we just have to wait and see.

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