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It’s a ‘Dance Alone’ for Jana Burčeska

MRT decided to announce Jana Burčeska as their representative for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest last year. The former Macedonian Idol participant was internally selected on 21st November. Now we finally know which song is going to represent FYR Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Jana Burčeska will sing Dance Alone in Kyiv.

Well known composers join forces

Jana definitely had a well known set of composers behind her. Dance Alone has been composed by Joacim Perrson, Alex Omar, Florence A. and Bobi-Leon Milanov. They have previously worked for the likes of Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue. From over 200 songs received, the Macedonian delegation soon decided to go with Dance Alone. Head of Delegation Meri Popova said:

We felt it was the right song for Jana, expressing her emotions and temperament in the right way.

Jana’s visual team

Music alone doesn’t do it anymore nowadays, so the Macedonian delegation has also focussed on the visual team going forward in Jana’s journey. Sergey Zhelezko, a Sofia based Russian director, has directed the video. Zhelezko had a clear vision for the video. He said:

Each time you see it, you will get the impression of watching a short movie.

For the stage performance in Kyiv, MRT are turning to an experienced director. Ambra Succi has been hired to make the performance work on the big Eurovision stage. Succi has a few previous Eurovision experiences. Last year, she handled Poli Genova’s performance. In 2012, she was part of the team behind Loreen’s victory.

What do you think?

Below you can watch the official video for Jana Burčeska’s entry Dance Alone. Is it a winner? Will it bring FYR Macedonia back to the final for the first time since 2012? Let us know what you think! You can do so on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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