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Alma’s Requiem has been finalised and released

We’ve been talking about the French entry getting a revamp all weekend, with the news that a snippet of the bilingual chorus had been released. Now, we can confirm that “Requiem” by Alma has a brand new instrumentation and a completely new final minute.
What we had expected from France to be a quick tweak of the lyrics to make it more accessible to an international audience has been wildly underestimated. The French have almost gone back to square one, adding in an extra layer of stringed instrumentation and rewriting the middle eight and final chorus. This allows Alma to build the song layer by layer, through each individual element of “Requiem” before culminating in a decisive dramatic final chorus.
This new version of the French entry will be performed at the London Eurovision Party ahead of its participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine, this May. Alma will also make appearances at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam and the inaugural Spanish Eurovision preview party.
To hear the song for yourself, and make your own mind up on the final version of “Requiem”, you can click to watch the official music video below from the Official YouTube Channel of the Eurovision Song Contest.
Do you think this final edit is better than the original, or do you prefer the lyrics in French? Let us know what you think of the French entry on our social media profiles and in the comments below.

Comments on Alma’s Requiem has been finalised and released

  • Bernd

    Bad Change….. so sad about this.

  • haparoiden

    What has she done? The English text, ok, could be, but the music is completely different and much worse. It was my Top 5, now it’s outside the Top 15.

  • thebrocode

    Disappointing… very disappointing.

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