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‘Skeletons’ revealed for Azerbaijan’s Dihaj

The field of Eurovision 2017 entries is getting more complete by the day. Today, we’ll get a grand total of five new entries. The first of those has just been released. Azerbaijan has selected Skeletons as Dihaj’s entry for Kyiv.

A Swedish-Azerbaijani collaboration

It’s a bit of a tradition for Azerbaijan to seek help outside the country for their Eurovision entry. Skeletons has been written by Sandra Bjurman from Sweden and Isa Melikov from Azerbaijan itself. Bjurman has previously worked on four other Azerbaijani entries: Drip DropRunning ScaredWhen The Music Dies and Hour Of The Wolf. Furthermore, she composed Ukraine’s entry in 2014, Tick Tock.

From Diana to Dihaj

Dihaj was born as Diana Hajiyeva. The 27 year old singer chose Dihaj as her stage name for the Eurovision Song Contest. Dihaj was also the name she chose for her band. With that band, she rose to fame with songs as I Break Again. While living in the United Kingdom, Dihaj also had international performances in The Netherlands, Georgia and Lithuania.

A mellow time after a flying start

Azerbaijan had a flying start in the Eurovision Song Contest. Debuting in 2008, the Azeris always made the top 10 until 2013. In the following three years, luck has turned on the country. Dilara Kazimova, Elnur Hüseynov and Samra all failed to make the top ten. Some of them were rather close to being eliminated in the semifinal as well. The country are hoping that a new, more experimental style will turn their luck around once more.

What do you think of Skeletons?

So, what do you think of the 34th entry released for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017? Can Dihaj indeed bring Azerbaijan back up the scoreboard? Perhaps you’d even see it as a potential winner? Let us know! You can do so below in the comments section, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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