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Lucie Jones Releases Revamped Version of ‘Never Give Up On You’

On the 27th January, Lucie Jones won Eurovision: You Decide, with her song ‘Never Give Up On You’. The first version of the song was minimalistic, and focussed mostly on Lucie’s vocal ability. However, the full revamped version of the song, as well as its music video, has been released!
You can see the video for yourself and hear how the song has changed below:

Building on a strong foundation

The new version of ‘Never Give Up On You’ has a much more produced, modern, electronic feel. It also builds on the strong foundation which had already been created, whilst still keeping a focus on Lucie’s beautiful vocals.
The last chorus of the song is now very different to that of the original song. It shows off a great bass beat, pleasing many fans who had asked for some sort of drums or extra beat to be added in near the end of the song.

Lucie Jones’ journey to Eurovision

Lucie has already confirmed that she will be attending both the London and Amsterdam Eurovision pre-parties. Nevertheless, she has kept rather quiet since her win in UK, most likely as she was busy working on her song. Hopefully now Lucie will reveal more information about any other plans to show off the song around Europe before the contest! You can read more about Lucie’s win at the UK national final here.
In terms of Lucie’s journey through the betting odds, she originally debuted at 28th after her win at Eurovision: You Decide. But the song quickly increased in popularity, and is now at 17th in the odds. The release of the revamped version is yet to have an effect on the odds.
Lucie will perform for the United Kingdom in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine on the 13th May. We wish her good luck!
What do you think of the revamp? Will this version do better in Kyiv than the original? Tell us in the comments below!

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