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SVT Release Full Results of Melodifestivalen 2017

Last Saturday, Robin Bengtsson won the Melodifestivalen 2017 final. Today, SVT have given us all the details of this year’s Mello results!

The full results always reveal interesting and unexpected details about how each of the entries did. Below, we will analyse each of the semifinals, the Andra Chansen round, and the final. Let’s get started!

Semifinal 1 – Gothenburg

5,706,113 votes were cast throughout the show.

Round 1Round 2Total
NanoHold On1,056,413122,2631,178,6761Final
Ace WilderWild Child981,43584,8111,066,2462Final
Boris RenéHer Kiss 895,618 89,512985,1303Andra Chansen
De Vet DuRoad Trip 870,39948,384918,7834Andra Chansen
Dinah NahOne More Night693,22042,010735,2305Out
AdrijanaAmare407,097 —407,0976Out
Charlotte PerrelliMitt liv399,536 —399,5367Out


  • Boris René came 2nd in round 2 of the voting, but unfortunately, Ace Wilder had too many points from round 1 for him to beat her.

Semifinal 2 – Malmö

5,395,695 votes were cast throughout the show.

Round 1Round 2Total
MarietteA Million Years997,48993,2111,090,7001Final
Benjamin IngrossoGood Lovin’966,14093,5881,059,7282Final
Lisa AjaxI Don’t Give A969,35567,1781,036,5333Andra Chansen
DismissedHearts Align668,87876,880745,7584Andra Chansen
Roger PontareHimmel och hav681,66161,404743,0655Out
EtziaUp363,025 —363,0256Out
AllyawanVart har du vart346,299 —346,2997Out


  • Benjamin Ingrosso beat Mariette in the second round of votes.
  • In the first round, Roger Pontare came 4th, but didn’t do well enough in the second round of voting to keep that position.

Semifinal 3 – Växjö

5,756,071 votes were cast throughout the show.

Round 1Round 2Total
Robin BengtssonI Can’t Go On945,97785,5021,031,4791Final
Owe ThörnqvistBoogieman Blues803,452158,075961,5262Final
FO&OGotta Thing About You825,45487,576913,0303Andra Chansen
Anton HagmanKiss You Goodbye811,84468,796880,6404Andra Chansen
Bella & FilippaCrucified783,75983,582867,3415Out
Jasmine KaraGravity 672,565 —672,5656Out
Krista SiegfridsSnurra min jord407,769 —407,7697Out


  • Owe was only in 4th place after the first round of votes, whilst FO&O were in second place. Owe managed to landslide the second round of voting, to fly up to second place.
  • Bella & Filippa beat Anton Hagman in the second round of votes, but not by enough votes to get them through to Andra Chansen.

Semifinal 4 – Skellefteå

4,951,648 votes were cast throughout the show.

Round 1Round 2Total
WiktoriaAs I Lay Me Down987,93584,4451,072,3801Final
Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. AniniaEn värld full av strider (Eatneme Gusnie Jeenh Dåaroeh)815,030101,324916,3542Final
LoreenStatements768,421104,230872,6513Andra Chansen
Axel SchylströmNär ingen ser671,04459,683730,7274Andra Chansen
AliceRunning with Lions673,15349,243722,3965Out
Les GordonsBound to Fall 400,845 —400,8456Out
Sara Varga & Juha MulariDu får inte ändra på mig219,558 — 219,5587Out


  • The first round of votes are very similar to the final result the final result. However, in the second round of votes, Loreen was the winner, with Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia in second place.
  • Alice beat Axel Schylström in the first round of votes, but unfortunately flopped in the second round.

Andra Chansen – Linköping

7,223,709 votes were cast throughout the show.

I1FO&O“Gotta Thing About You”970,831Final
2De Vet Du“Road Trip”860,182Out
II1Axel Schylström“När ingen ser”926,610Out
2Lisa Ajax“I Don’t Give A”932,326Final
III1Boris René“Her Kiss”1,061,289Final
2Dismissed“Hearts Align”607,015Out
IV1Anton Hagman“Kiss You Goodbye”975,547Final


  • Axel Schylström was only just over 6,000 votes away from beating Lisa Ajax in the second duel.

Final – Stockholm

13,566,778 votes were cast throughout the show, which smashed the previous record of 12,643,477 votes in 2016.

Robin Bengtsson“I Can’t Go On”961,435,96310.6%501461
Nano“Hold On”761,627,84311.9%571332
Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia“En värld full av strider
(Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh)”
Mariette“A Million Years”621,068,5317.9%37994
Benjamin Ingrosso“Good Lovin'”54961,1047.1%33875
Wiktoria“As I Lay Me Down”291,474,52610.9%51806
Ace Wilder“Wild Child”35920,4216.8%32677
Boris René“Her Kiss”35904,6466.7%31668
Lisa Ajax“I Don’t Give A”16847,3536.2%30469
Anton Hagman“Kiss You Goodbye”61,058,2327.8%374310
FO&O“Gotta Thing About You”7962,9877.1%344111
Owe Thörnqvist“Boogieman Blues”1910,1606.7%323312

Detailed Jury Points

SongArmeniaAustraliaUnited KingdomFranceIsraelItalyMaltaNorwayPolandCzech RepublicUkraineTotal
“I Can’t Go On”810410128812124896
“Hold On”10410441284101076
“A Million Years”1261281062662
“En värld full av strider
(Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh)”
“Good Lovin'”1261011108654
“Wild Child”12122261035
“Her Kiss”6142468435
“As I Lay Me Down”48646129
“I Don’t Give A”1112216
“Gotta Thing About You”167
“Kiss You Goodbye”12216
“Boogieman Blues”11

Below, you can hear the winning song, I Can’t Go On by Robin Bengtsson, once more:

Sweden will compete in the first half of the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine, on the 9th May. We wish Robin good luck!

Are you surprised by the full results of this year’s Melodifestivalen? How well did your favourite do? Let us know in the comments below!

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