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Armenia Unveils Their Eurovision Entry ‘Fly With Me” for Artsvik!

Two days ago, we reported that Armenia had released a snippet of their entry into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, ‘Fly With Me’. Moments ago, the full music video for Artsvik’s song was published!
Back in December, Artsvik won the show Depi Evratesil, and thus Armenia selected her as their representative at this year’s Eurovision. After much anticipation, the official music video for Artsvik’s entry for Armenia, ‘Fly With Me’, has finally been released. Listen to it below!
‘Fly With Me’ was composed by Lilith and Levon Navasardyan, whom also wrote the entries for Armenia in 2014 and 2016. The 30-second snippet that was released a few days ago suggested that ‘Fly With Me’ is a very dramatic, ethnic ballad. The full version reveals that the song is not as much of a ballad as expected. Take a listen below!

About the song, Artsvik says:

“My song tells a story of a girl, who is the metaphorical symbol of love. She embodies the colors, the stories and the voices that make us who we are. “Fly with me” encourages everyone to come with me on this girl’s journey of championing the diverse and beautiful human nature. I think nowadays it is especially important to embrace our heritage and our traditions. We, the people – our colors, our stories and our voices make up this world. We must never forget that this girl’s light and love is one for all of us.”

Artsvik in the betting odds…

When Artsvik won Depi Evratesil, Armenia sank to 17th place in the odds. However, over time, the bettings odds have begun to settle for Armenia, and they are now in 7th place (up only from eighth place when the snippet leased). The release of the full song is yet to have an effect on the betting odds.

Who is Artsvik?

Artsvik Harutyunyan is a relatively new and unkown artist. In 2013, she became a contestant on season two of Golos, the Russian version of The Voice. While on the show, she was a member of Team Pelageya. The audience eliminated Artsvik in the battle rounds. So far, this is the only fame that she has had.

Armenia in Eurovision

Armenia have only failed to qualify for the final once in 2011, with Emmy and her song ‘Boom Boom’. Their most successful entry was “Qéle, Qéle” in 2008. It came in fourth place with 199 points. Last year, Iveta Mukuchyan represented Armenia with the song ‘LoveWave’. It came 7th with 249 points.
This year, Artsvik will represent Armenia with the song ‘Fly With Me’ in the second half of the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine, on the 9th May. We wish Armenia good luck!
Will ‘Fly With Me’ qualify for Armenia? Is the song good for Artsvik? Get involved in the comments below!

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