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Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov releases full official music video for ‘Beautiful Mess’

A couple of days ago, Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov released an official teaser for his upcoming music video. The video is for his Eurovision entry Beautiful Mess. The Bulgarian entry is currently the second favourite to win the contest. Now, he has now released the full version of the music video!

The first part of a two chapter story

The story of Beautiful Mess is being split into two separate chapters. Kristian will give the first chapter via the official music video. He will give the second chapter using the stage performance in Kyiv. Regarding the concept behind the first chapter, BNT Eurovision explained the following:

“We based the videoclip on the dark reality described in the song. As it has been stated in earlier descriptions of our song’s themes, we find ourselves living in a world full of confusion, loneliness, tension, and insecurity…walking on the edge. Therefore, our official video clip will contain pictures, characters and associations connected to the reality of darkness. There will be a lot of intense imagery, and our aim is to provoke and motivate people to leave their comfort zone and start thinking about our message. However, the motifs at the end will serve as a transition to our idea for the stage performance, which will show the opposite side of the spectrum.”

For more details on the full concept behind Bulgaria’s entry, read this article from BNT Eurovision’s official website.

Watch the video now!

Milen Dankov, one of Bulgaria’s most experienced choreographers, created the concept for the song. He has worked with Kristian before on his previous single Ne si za men. Furthermore, Milen worked with Poli Genova on the staging for If Love Was A Crime in Stockholm last year.
You can watch the official music video for Beautiful Mess below, courtesy of the official Virginia Records YouTube channel.

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