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Georgia appoints Sacha Jean-Baptiste as stage designer

With just under 40 days until the grand opening of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, Georgia is busy preparing a strong performance for Kyiv.  For the third year in a row the Georgian broadcaster appointed Sacha Jean-Baptiste as stage designer. Tamara (“Tako”) Gachechiladze will represent the country with the song “Keep the Faith.” She will perform second in the first semi-final on May 9th.

Three year strong partnership with Jean-Baptiste

The Swedish choreographer will design the performance and stage for Tako. Jean-Baptiste is no stranger to the contest. She enjoys a good relationship with Georgia and she previously designed the staging and performance for the country in 2015 and 2016. Last year, she also worked with Cyprus, Lithuania and Armenia. All entries she designed have managed to qualify for the grand final of the contest. Will the trend continue in 2017?

A successful choreographer at home and abroad

Besides her engagement with Eurovision, Jean-Baptiste also worked extensively in her home country Sweden. Her experiences include roles at Swedish Idol and the local version of The X Factor. Her long standing relationship with Georgia also granted her a spot in the international jury that helped select Tako for Kyiv.
This is not the first time Tako attempted to represent her country in the big stage. She was part of Stephane & 3G who was due to perform in the 2009 contest. The lyrics of the song “We don’t Wanna Put In” were however considered political and the song was disqualified from the competition. This year, the cards all point to a successful performance by Tako.
What do you think of the choice Sacha Jean-Baptiste as stage designer? Will Georgia manage to qualify for the third year in a row?

Riccardo Maddalozzo

Born in Italy, I have lived in 5 countries in 3 continents. I discovered Eurovision by accident in 2010 and became a superfan in 2013. I attended both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision events and covered several national finals on the ground and hope to continue doing so for a long time!

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