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The Stage is Ready in Kyiv!

On 31 January, the EBU revealed the stage design for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. Now, the stage is finally complete, and images have been released!
See images of the completed stage below!

The Production Manager, Ola Melzig, gives us some details about the stage. It weighs 30 tons, with 1,816 lights, and the main stage is around 350 square meters in size. The LED screen itself is 1,000 square metres in size. Each part of the peculiar lighting rig which hangs directly above the stage can move independently. This allows the geometry of the stage to be altered, so each delegation can create a unique performance. The stage is 14 metres high and 70 metres wide, with a depth of 28 metres.

Statements About The Stage

Christer Björkman, producer of this year’s contest, says:

“We have two very specific goals. The first – to realize the vision of 43 countries who arrive full of expectations and deserve the best attitude to their productions. As for the show, it is our goal to make every Ukrainian proud. And besides these two goals, nothing more is needed. We want all to be proud of these shows: participants and viewers, both in Ukraine and in Europe.”

Regarding previous concerns about the organisation of the contest, Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, says:

“All construction, organizational and pertinent issues are being addressed in a timely manner and are being solved effectively to insure the production of this fantastic event in May. One can feel the great atmosphere here on the grounds – where Ukrainian and foreign specialists work together. From the very beginning of the Contest preparations the spirit of Eurovision could be felt here in Kiev.”

What Now?

The stand-in rehearsals (in which somebody “stands in” for the artist on stage) will begin on the 20th April. Until then, the production team will rehearse the technical aspects of the show: the camerawork, audio, lighting, and so on.

The team have already created the press centre, and it is ready to hold 1,500 accredited journalists, and a further 500 accredited fans. They are yet to create the dressing rooms and areas for the delegations.

What do you think of the stage? Is it as good as previous years’ stages? Who are you looking forward to seeing most on it? Leave a comment and let us know!

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