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Salvador Sobral’s Sister to Take His Place in Rehearsals Due to Poor Health

The Portuguese broadcaster, RTP, have confirmed that Salvador Sobral will not be present at the rehearsals in Kyiv. His sister, Luísa Sobral will take his place. Salvador will only travel to Kyiv two days before the first semifinal to perform at the dress rehearsals.

After the EBU released the rehearsal schedule for this year’s Eurovision, Salvador’s team noticed conflicts with Salvador’s other concerts. A close source to Salvador says:

“Salvador will only go to Kyiv on 7th May due to doctors’ orders, not due to the scheduling conflicts with other concerts. This situation was foreseen and the EBU have agreed to the plans”

This delay means that Luísa will attend Portugal’s two first rehearsals, on 30th April and 4th May, whereas Salvador will attend the three dress rehearsals. Salvador will also be absent from press conferences and interviews before the contest. Again, Luísa will take his place at these events.

What are the health concerns?

Salvador’s health has been discussed in great detail since his win at Festival de Canção. Portuguese tabloids and some other Eurovision fansites made allegations of cardiac problems, although Salvador’s manager says that these allegations are “utterly false”. Later, RTP confirmed that Salvador does indeed have cardiac problems.

Salvador has also had two operations on hernias very recently. Salvador’s manager says:

“He is recovering well from hernia surgery. Eurovision is not at risk and neither is Salvador’s career; almost every concert is sold out.”

Who is Luísa Sobral, and why is she important?

Luísa Sobral is not only Salvador’s sister, but she also wrote his song, ‘Amar Pelos Dois’. You may recognise her when you see her in rehearsals, as Salvador invited her to sing ‘Amar Pelos Dois’ with him on stage after he won at Festival de Canção.

How will this affect the live performance?

It is unlikely that this news will affect Salvador’s live performance too greatly. Salvador does not have a complex choreography to practice, and his overall performance is very simplistic. Many Eurovision fans say that this is what gives the performance its charm! Therefore, arriving late to Kyiv is unlikely to have a great impact on the live performance.

We wish Salvador a speedy and full recovery!

Salvador Sobral will perform ‘Amar Pelos Dois’ for Portugal at the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 9th May.

What do you think of this? Are you concerned for Salvador? Get involved in the comments below!

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