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Spoilers! Ongoing stand-in rehearsals in Kyiv reveal even more staging secrets

Over the past few days, rehearsals have already been underway in Kyiv. Before the delegations arrive this weekend for the official rehearsals, the contest producers hold technical rehearsals using stand-in performers. These are then filmed and sent to each participating country who can then make adjustments prior to their arrival in a few days time.

Going behind-the-scenes!

While these usually take place behind closed doors, UA:PBC has been giving us an extra insight into what is going on. Over the past few days, images and videos have leaked online showing glimpses of staging that will be used by the likes of Armenia, Belgium and Iceland. The latter of which hasn’t gone down well with RÚV who have made an official complaint. Nevertheless, UA:PBC have now published an official behind-the-scenes video which reveals brand new staging secrets!

Check out the video!

You can check out the video here, or read our analysis of what we can see below. Included in the video are the stand-in rehearsals of Azerbaijan, Belgium, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal and Sweden.


The stand-in rehearsal for Poland is the first to be briefly shown in the video at 0:28. It shows that Kasia will be joined by a violinist on stage, just as she was in the Polish national final. Nevertheless, there is no sign of the other band members that were present in Krajowe Eliminacje. There are four unused microphone stands at the back of the stage however. They could just be left over from another performance or perhaps they could symbolise four backing vocalists that will be hidden offstage?


At 0:46, we see what we believe is the Azerbaijan stand-in rehearsal. The use of the ladder correlates with a previously-leaked image of a presumed Azerbaijani prop which has lyrics from Skeletons scrawled over the prop in a chalkboard style effect. Therefore, we see that Dihaj will be joined by five other performers on stage, one of which will be positioned on top of the ladder.


Next up we see Portugal’s rehearsal at 0:52. As expected, Salvador will perform alone on stage in a similar set-up to that found in Festival da Canção.


At 2:03 we see the Swedish stand-in rehearsal. Following Portugal’s lead, they will to be keep their national final staging as expected. Nevertheless, it will be in complete contrast to the Portuguese staging. Robin will be joined by his four dancers, presumably on treadmills. We also see one backing vocalist at the back of the stage.


Next up in the video, at 2:56, we see the stand-in rehearsal for Belgium. Blanche will be joined by two backing vocalists who will perform small choreographed movements alongside the 17-year-old. Therefore, we expect this will be very similar to a performance she gave of the song on The Voice Belgique a few days ago.


At 3:25, we see that Demy will be joined by two male dancers for Greece. These dancers seem to be telling some kind of story with their dance, perhaps symbolising the love theme of the song. Demy isn’t using a microphone stand and will perform some minimal choreography herself.


Next up at 4:00 into the video we see how Montenegro will stage their entry. Slavko will be alone in the centre of stage and will be giving a highly energetic performance as we would expect. We can also see two backing vocalists at the back of the stage.


Finally, at 4:38, we see the stand-in rehearsal for Moldova. The staging looks to be the same as what was seen in O melodie pentru Europa with Sunstroke Project in centre stage, bringing back their “running man” dance. In addition, the three backing vocalists are seen to the right of the trio with flower bouquets. Therefore, this hints that they will be dressed as brides as seen before. The end of the performance concludes with the backing vocalists throwing their bouquets into the crowd… of course!

The official rehearsals will get underway on April 30th. As always, escXtra will be reporting live from the venue with a series of articles and our all-day live streaming! We’ll see you there!

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