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Eurovision Song Contest 2017 juries revealed

With one day left before rehearsals will start, EBU released the list of juries.

A total of 210 jurors — five in each of the 42 participating countries — will vote.
The youngest jurors, aged 16, come from FYR Macedonia and Ukraine. The oldest, at 76, will be part of the United Kingdom’s jury. The average age of the jurors is 40 years old.
97 jurors are female, 112 are male. One vacancy — in Austria — is still to be filled.

Each jury consists of five people with ties to the music industry. These five people will make up half of a country’s votes in both the semi-finals and the final. Unsurprisingly, Eurovision fans will spot quite a few familiar names in the juries.

Eurovision stars as jury members

Most notably, the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest winner Nicole makes up one fifth of the Germany’s jury. Meanwhile, the entirety of the Romanian jury has ties to Eurovision. Paula Seiling (2010, 2014), Luminita Anghel (2005), Mihai (2006), and Cezar (2013) have all represented Romania. The last jury member, Tavi Colen, participated in the national final this year.
But the jury members of Eurovision fame don’t stop there. In Malta, the three time representative Chiara (1998, 2005, 2009) will be part of their jury. Zoë, the Austrian representative from last year, will continue her Eurovision experience as a jury member. Other recent Eurovision participants in the respective juries include Olta Boka (Albania 2008), Getter Jaani (Estonia 2011), Nelly Ciobanu (Moldova 2009), Magdalena Tul (Poland 2011) and Michael Von der Heide (Switzerland 2010).
If we look further back, we see artists such as Daniela Simmons (Switzerland 1986), Darja Švajger (Slovenia 1995 and 1998), Marlayne (The Netherlands 1999) in their juries. Two artists from the 2001 contest, David Civera (Spain) and Tal Sondak (Israel), complete the line up.

Junior Eurovision participants

Also, two previous Junior Eurovision participants will be in the juries. Dino Jelusic (Croatia 2003) won the first ever contest. Sofia Tarasova (Ukraine 2013) on the other hand finished 2nd.
For a full list of the juries, click here.

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