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Portugal and Bulgaria revealed as semifinal winners

Mere minutes after the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 ended, EBU have released the semifinal results. Portugal won the first semi final, whereas Bulgaria won the second.

Semifinal 1

Portugal won the first semifinal, ahead of Moldova and Sweden. Unlucky eleventh were Georgia, sixteen points short of Greece’s tenth place. Last place in that semifinal surprisingly went to Latvia, who received just one point from the juries.

Semifinal 2

Bulgaria won the second semifinal by an enormous landslide of 172 points. Hungary finished in second, Israel was third. Unlucky were Serbia and Switzerland, who were three and four points respectively off Denmark’s tenth place. Last place went to San Marino, receiving nothing from the juries and just a single point from televoters, who gave Malta a zero.

ESCXTRA will be back with a closer look at the semifinal results tomorrow. For now, all we can do is congratulate Portugal on their historic victory!

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