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CONFIRMED! Malta’s Junior Eurovision winner Destiny Chukunyere to appear on Britain’s Got Talent tonight

Eagle-eyed viewers of British TV channel ITV this evening would have caught an advert showcasing the auditionees for tomorrow night’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent. Now, as soon as I heard a girl belting “Freedom!!!” I immediately looked at the screen. While we only got a two second glimpse of the audition, surely the auditionee is none other than 2015 Junior Eurovision winner Destiny Chukunyere! Check out the advert in action below sourced from ITV. Surely that’s Destiny?

With such little to go off, it is hard to fully confirm whether this is Destiny. However, the ESCXTRA team have consulted with each other, agreed, and done a little bit of research as well that suggests it is the Maltese vocal powerhouse.

Destiny is in the UK!

Just a few days ago, Destiny travelled to the UK with Ben Camille. Of course, Ben has appeared on various Eurovision-related programmes recently including hosting the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the 2016 Malta Eurovision Song Contest and being the spokesperson for Malta at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest!

…And was also in the UK when auditions were filmed!

This isn’t Destiny’s first visit to the UK this year either. On January 27th, Destiny posted about her latest visit to the UK. Perhaps no longer coincidentally, the arena auditions were filmed in London between 28th and 30th January… perfect timing? The arena auditions also travelled to Birmingham and Manchester in the following two weeks.

Rumours were circling on Twitter earlier today

Now if we head over to Twitter, there have already been murmurings about Destiny’s appearance on ITV’s biggest show:

The perfect song choice

Finally, as we see in the clip of the Britain’s Got Talent advert above, the song being sung is Aretha Franklin’s Think. Destiny is no stranger to the song, singing it to win the 2015 Junior Eurovision artist selection process in Malta! It certainly makes sense to stick to what you know when graced with such a big platform that is Britain’s Got Talent!

Following in the footsteps of Saara Aalto?

So is Destiny about to make it two Eurovision alumni in the space of two ITV reality show competitions? She will follow in the footsteps of Saara Aalto whose unforgettable journey on The X Factor at the end of last year resulted in a magnificent second place finish.


Official spoilers released on various entertainment websites a few minutes ago have confirmed that Destiny will indeed be taking part in tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent! UK viewers can tune in on ITV1 from 8pm BST this evening. Good luck to Destiny!

Do you agree that Destiny will be appearing on this year’s series of Britain’s Got Talent? How do you think she will do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and via our social media channels @ESCXTRA!

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  • Danny62

    It does seem that the worlds of X-Factor/X’s Got Talent and Eurovision are eating themselves, with the former doing most of the consumption. Features of Kiev 2017 were hidden backing singers and sob stories. What next? Will future Eurovision Song Contests be full of teenagers bleating cover versions in their best American accents?

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