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The sensational Destiny Chukunyere earns a standing ovation following her Britain’s Got Talent audition!

Last night, we reported the very exciting news that Destiny Chukunyere would be appearing in this evening’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent! Millions of viewers in the UK have just tuned in to Destiny’s performance on ITV. In doing so, they witnessed the 2015 Junior Eurovision winner get four yeses from judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams.

“I would love to perform for the British royal family!”

In tonight’s episode we first saw Destiny speaking backstage explaining that her motivation to audition for the show was the chance to perform in front of the British royal family. Upon entering the stage, Destiny introduced herself and admitted she was a “big fan” of Simon Cowell’s! She told us how she is inspired by Beyoncé and Aretha Franklin, going on to sing a song by the latter.

Destiny performed a cover of Think, a song that has been a good luck charm for the Maltese singer in the past. Indeed, she performed the song in the Maltese national artist selection for the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest which of course Destiny went on to win! Following her performance, the judges and the audience gave the singing sensation a standing ovation.

Image: ITV / Thames / Syco

“I’ve been waiting for someone to come out who we think could be a star, and guess who it is? You. You have soul.”

Alesha tells Destiny that her audition was “knockout” and that she “killed it”! David continued the praises, claiming that she is “clearly born to sing”. Amanda branded her audition “incredible” as well as praising her adorable personality. Simon topped it all saying he had been waiting for a “star” and now he has found her! His final comment was that Destiny “has soul”. In the words of her Junior Eurovision winning entry, we can never take away [Destiny’s] soul!

Twitter has gone crazy for Destiny!

It’s not just the judges and theatre audience that are loving Destiny, check out a few of the many tweets praising our Junior Eurovision winner!

Heading for the live shows?

Next weekend we will discover whether Destiny has been chosen to take part in the live semi-finals. The five semi-finals will air live from London’s Elstree TV studios daily between May 29th and June 2nd. Based on previous years, two acts will progress from each semi-final to the grand final that is expected to take place on June 3rd however this date is yet to be confirmed. Often, the judges also choose one or two wildcard acts for the final from the semi-finalists that did not qualify on the night.

Good luck for the rest of the competition Destiny, you deserve it!

What did you think of Destiny’s performance tonight? Do you think she can go on to win the competition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and via our social media channels @ESCXTRA!

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  • The Anders

    Well, ‘sensational’ is a bit much I would say. She is a fine singer along with many others. Nothing sensational about that.

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