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Slavko Kalezić wins Barbara Dex Award 2017

Slavko has won the Barbara Dex Award, as announced by the organisers of The Montenegrin singer fought off all competition to be named the worst dressed singer of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Barbara Dex Award: The podium

What could have sealed this award for Slavko? Was it the see through shirt, the glittery pants, the blue skirt he started with or maybe the ponytail? Let’s just take a guess that it was all of the above.

Right behind Slavko, Latvia’s Triana Park finished as runners-up. Not many people seem to have liked their neon outfits. Perhaps that was a factor in their last place finish as well? Czech Republic complete the podium in this year’s award. Martina Bárta wore a golden suit, described by many as golden tinfoil.

Previous winners

A lot of the Barbara Dex Award winners have been women recently. Slavko is the first male artist to win the award since Milan Stanković for Serbia back in 2010. Only a third of the winners in total have been men so far, with the first male winner being Guildo Horn back in 1998.

In the past three years, the award went to Nina Kraljić, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Vilija respectively. The first winner since Barbara Dex was Malta’s Debbie Scerri back in 1997. The organisers named the award after Belgian singer Barbara Dex. She entered the stage in 1993 with a self made, see through dress… Not her finest moment.

What do you think? Did Slavko deserve to win the Barbara Dex Award or did you vote for someone else? Let us know who you voted for below, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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