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Russia Kick Off Their National Final for Junior Eurovision 2017!

The Russian broadcaster for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Karusel, have just launched the online voting section of their national selection for this year’s contest in Tbilisi, entitled Detskoe Evrovidenie 2017!
The participants this year are:

  • Viktoriya Bezdomnikova – Provokatsiya (Provocation)
  • Polina Borusevich – Krelya (Wings)
  • Anastasiya Gladilina – Pover (Believe Me)
  • Vladlena Gubareva – Vorona (Crow)
  • Egor Ermolaev – Para (Couple)
  • Kirill Esin – Yarkiye Tantsy (Bright Dances)
  • Gruppa “Kinder Star” – Pikhama Pati (Pajama Party)
  • Elvira Kirsanova – Mechta (Dream)
  • Yuliya Kondrashenko – Moya Muzika (My Music)
  • Gruppa “Kudri” – Kudri (Curls)
  • Arseniye Kulikov – Gadkhety (Gadgets)
  • Glafira Leukhina – Momente (Moments)
  • Ksenia Neznamova – Oblaka (Clouds)
  • Ulyana Ovchinnikova – Davaye Uletim (Let’s Fly Away)
  • Gruppa “Ochechi” – Vekhodnoye (Output)
  • Gruppa “Papaiya” – Veshe (Higher)
  • Polina Terekhova – Puls Planety (Pulse of the Planet)
  • Veronika Ustimova – Ya Be Khotela Vse Uznat (I Would Like To Know Everything)
  • Vilena Hikmatullina – Gravitatsiya (Gravity)
  • Anna Chernotalova – Eta Muzika (This is Music)
  • Gruppa “Emoji” – Vremiya Ne Zdet (Time Does Not Wait)

Returning Artists

The only familiar name from this list is Vilena Hikmatullina, whom came 9th last year with her song ‘Nado Kruzhit’ (We Must Circle), and 8th in 2015 with ‘Vyshe Neba’ (Above the Sky).

How were the finalists selected?

Russia saw a record number of song applications this year, with hundreds of entries being received.
Auditions were held at the Academy of Igor Krutoy in Moscow, where a jury of professional rounded the entries down to just 20 finalists. Russia will choose their entry on the 3rd June.
You can take part in the selection process! Here you can listen to all the entries and vote for your favourite. Your online votes make up half of the result on 3rd June, so get voting!
Which one of the songs is your favourite? What do you think of Russia at Junior Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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I've watched Eurovision for as long as I can remember, but my interest really built in 2008, after I decided to watch the semifinals online, out of boredom, before the final...I was blown away by the quality of the show and have been hooked ever since! I'm a competitive trampolinist and I love baking. I've also just completed a master's degree in Research Methods in Psychology at University College London.

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