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Belgium’s Ketnet won’t be returning to Junior Eurovision

Belgium have today confirmed that they will not be returning to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Georgia later this year. Broadcaster Ketnet, part of VRT, have explained the reasons for their ongoing absence.

Shifting the focus

VRT issued the following statement about in relation to their non participation at the contest:
Ketnet decided in 2013 to no longer participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. But Ketnet continues without delay seeking the search for musical talent. Ketnet wants to shift the focus of the contest winner with one figure coming into view, to all contestants. Not only the winner is an idol for Ketnetters, but all participants are. That is the track that Ketnet wants to expand further. In this way, children get more opportunities.
In addition to this, the broadcaster went on to talk about other international events that they still do take part in and continue to plan to. The broadcaster adds that they will continue to participate in the regular Eurovision Song Contest.

Ketnet’s return is unlikely

From both the statements provided by the broadcasters, it is clear that a return for Belgium at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is not ruled out, but at least very unlikely. They are still searching for young talent and have talent shows for them such as ‘The Voice Kids’, but don’t wish to let winning take the spotlight. They feel they need to focus on each child individually, which is possible on a show like The Voice Kids, but is more difficult in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Their last effort

Belgium’s last entry at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was in 2012, in The Netherlands. Fabian represented the nation with the song Abracadabra, where he finished in fifth place with a total of 72 points.

What are your thoughts on Belgiums decision to not return to Junior Eurovision in Tbilisi? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Sagheer Chaudhry

I first watched Eurovision in 2007 and fell in love with the amazing Natalia Barbu and "Fight", I have been a fan of Eurovision ever since. Following and finding Eurovision related news is what I love to do and as a member of the escXtra team, I will be providing ESC fans with news.

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