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Caro Emerald would consider Eurovision

With the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 behind us, some countries have already turned their focus to next year. One of those is The Netherlands, where several acts are already lining up for a possible Eurovision participation in Portugal next year. In a recent interview, Caro Emerald has stated she would seriously consider Eurovision.

Never been asked

In the past few years, Avrotros have tried to get as many of the country’s big stars interested in doing Eurovision, chatting with every one of these to see if they would consider doing Eurovision. It resulted in Ilse DeLange and Trijntje Oosterhuis travelling to Eurovision, as well as positive reactions from many others.
Remarkable in this story is that Avrotros has, according to herself, never sought contact with Caro Emerald. The 36 year old is undoubtedly one of the most well-known Dutch acts abroad, so it’s at least odd that Avrotros have never even seemed to consider her before.

Would she dare?

In the interview, Emerald has stated she would seriously consider going to Eurovision if the broadcaster would ask her. That however doesn’t mean that she’d always say yes, as she isn’t sure she’d actually dare to go to Eurovision. The singer states that there would be a lot at stake for her, looking at the career she has abroad.
Looking at Caro Emerald’s recent success, doing Eurovision might not be a bad idea. Her latest album, Emerald Island, only managed to stay in the Dutch charts for one week. One of her latest moderate successes was her 2013 single I Belong To You, which you can see below.

Other notable names

Besides Caro Emerald, several others have said they’d be happy to represent The Netherlands in (presumably) Lisbon or later years. Among them are:

  • Maan – Winner of The Voice of Holland
  • Alain Clark – Pop & soul singer, one of the 2015 candidates
  • Iris Kroes – Harp player and former The Voice of Holland winner
  • Jan Smit – Commentator, previously asked to represent Germany
  • Sharon Doorson – Pop & dance singer, former The Voice of Holland participant

Who would you like to see representing The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018? Is Caro Emerald a good idea?

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