Martija Stanojkovic’s New Single Release: “Don’t Know Your Name”!

Many of you may remember the wonderful Martija Stanojkovic from Junior Eurovision 2016 in Malta. Her performance of “Love Will Lead Our Way” was one of my personal favourites from that year’s competition. Furthermore, she was one of my favourite performers who I had the privilege to meet!

Incredibly catchy up-tempo funky pop!

Her new single is “Don’t Know Your Name”. It is an up-tempo funky pop song that is not only incredibly age appropriate but also incredibly catchy! While I know you all trust my taste in music, make up your own mind by listening below!

This is her first single since competing in Junior Eurovision in 2016. Once again she is teaming up with Aleksandar Masevski. He has written, arranged and produced the song that is sure to be a hit not only in Macedonia but far beyond!

Martija began my Macedonian TimTam Slam tradition!

I have to say again that meeting Martija was one of my favourite parts of my 2016 Junior Eurovision experience. You might remember how we didn’t really do an interview with her but she was the very first Eurovision artist I ever did a TimTam Slam with! For that, she will always be one of my favourites.
She has also started my Macedonian TimTam Slam tradition which continued with Jana Burčeska in Kyiv! I’m going to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years we saw Martija on the big Eurovision stage. With her voice, her performance ability and her wonderful personality I think she will go far!

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