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Watch the Spokespersons BEFORE they went live!

The Eurovision voting sequence is one of the most anticipated moments in any year. In fact, more so now with the change in how the votes are presented – in which the jury results of each given country are revealed in full before the public vote is combined and revealed in a nail-biting climax.
What we don’t usually get to see is how each country’s spokesperson prepares before they are transmitted live to the 200 million audience.
The following video is a must for any hardcore Eurovision fan – see what happens in the minutes before a select number of spokespersons are called for their results. We’ll then explain exactly how it works.


So how does it work?

Each participating nation will use an existing studio, most likely at the national broadcasters television centre, to present the results from their national jury. The signals are then transmitted over the distribution network either by satellite or Fibre and received at the venue, ready for broadcast. The lovely skylines that you are used to seeing behind each spokesperson is unfortunately just a green screen backdrop – sorry to break it to you if you didn’t know!
You can see how this is put together in more detail by watching the following video:

Comments on Watch the Spokespersons BEFORE they went live!

  • Mark Butler

    Thanks for posting the Blue Peter item, it was nice that they took it seriously. But someone should tell them it wasn’t quite 200 million viewers, without Russia

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