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Edward af Sillén rewrites ‘Love Love Peace Peace’ for 2017

Last year, Jamala won the Eurovision Song Contest. But after the competing entries had finished, it was Love Love Peace Peace that took the fans (and many other viewers) by storm. The lyricist and Swedish commentator in Eurovision, Edward af Sillén, has rewritten those lyrics for 2017… Let’s see which entries featured!

Twerks in a monkey suit

Surely we can all imagine which elements from the 2017 contest would feature in this year’s Eurovision parody. Who can forget Azerbaijan’s man on a ladder… with a horse head? Or the Moldovan wedding dresses?
Obviously, both of those got a good mention, as well as Italy’s monkey. The lyrics feature twerking. We missed the twerking, but we certainly saw the monkey dance. Oh, and he just had to mention the Ukrainian ass during Jamala’s interval.

Nothing says winner like…

“Nothing says winner like a violin”, said Måns during the 2016 performance. Few violins were seen during this year’s final, but the one we did see, finished in third. As did the saxophone, which Edward now told us to bring to create the perfect Eurovision winner.
Edward’s full post can be seen here, on his Facebook page. We’d like to know what you would have picked for the rewritten version of Love Love Peace Peace! Let us know below or on Facebook what you would’ve used from the 2017 contest! For now, you can enjoy the 2016 version below.

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