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Sandra Reemer dies aged 66

Dutch singer and former Eurovision participant Sandra Reemer has died. The three time Eurovision entrant died from breast cancer.

Cancer diagnosis

The singer was diagnosed with breast cancer just three months ago. She discovered something was wrong during the recordings of a TV show in Indonesia. When announcing her diagnosis, therapies had started to treat and battle the cancer. A battle she now sadly lost.
Sandra Reemer’s manager announced the sad news this afternoon. She was aged just 66 and is best remembered outside the Netherlands for her three Eurovision participations.

Sandra and Eurovision

Image result for sandra reemer 1976
Reemer in 1976
Sandra Reemer took part in Eurovision for the first time in 1972. Together with Andres, she finished in fourth place. Four years later, broadcaster NOS asked her to fly the Dutch flag on home soil in The Hague. As a result of her ninth place, the Dutch were happy to send her to Eurovision again, this time with Colorado in 1979. She missed the top ten for the first time, finishing in twelfth.
Remarkable is that Sandra participated under three names: Sandra&Andres, Sandra Reemer and then her band name, Xandra. From 2000 to 2005, Sandra relived her Eurovision days with Marga Bult and Maggie MacNeal to form the Dutch Divas. In 2010, she even organised an exhibition with as many famous Eurovision dresses as possible.
The thoughts of the entire team are with Sandra Reemer’s friends and family in these tough times.

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