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Does Instagram predict an Icelandic superstar duet for 2018?

In Kyiv last month, Iceland failed to qualify for the Eurovision grand final for the third year in a row. For a country where well over 90% of the population tune in to the contest, this is NOT a good thing. Now, two Instagram posts have us thinking; might we have the solution to this situation? 

Will history repeat itself?

This is not the first time this happens, though, it actually happened once before; in 2005-2007. After that, however, they qualified for the next seven years. Can we hope for a repeat of that, starting in Lisbon next May?
But to make that happen, Iceland needs to come up with something spectacular. And that might just have happened already!

Parallel Instagram posts

On June 2 we noticed something interesting on Instagram…actually on two separate Instagram accounts.

Greta Salome enjoying her ice cream in Svaneke havn, Denmark
Hildur enjoying her ice cream in Svaneke havn, Denmark
I’m not sure if the ice creams are identical (different angles 😛 ), but it looks to me like they’re sitting in the exact same spot! Wearing fairly similar tops…and they were both there to take part in the same songwriting summer camp!
It might be wildly optimistic, but a Eurovision entry written and performed by two of Iceland’s best and most popular pop music songwriters/artists…wouldn’t that be brilliant?!
Between them, Greta Salome and Hildur have five Söngvakeppnin final entries and two Eurovision participations!

Greta Salome and Jónsi performing “Never Forget” in the grand final Baku in 2012.

Greta Salome, Heiða and Guðrún Árný’s semi final performance of “Aldrei sleppir mér” in Söngvakeppnin 2012.

Hildur, as part of the duo Sunday, performing Fjaðrir in the semifinal in Söngvakeppnin 2015. (They made it to the final, but I prefer the song in Icelandic, so therefore; semi performance!)

Greta Salome in the semi final of the 2016 Eurovision. She failed to qualify for the final with “Hear Them Calling”.

Hildur’s final performance of Bammbaramm in this year’s Söngvakeppnin.
What do you think; would a song written and performed by these two be a good idea for Eurovision? Share your thoughts on this in the comments below.  

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