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OG3NE’s mother to stop cancer treatment

As it’s been revealed, the inspiration behind OG3NE’s participation and the 2017 Dutch entry “Lights And Shadows” is Isolde Vol, the mother of the sister trio. She is suffering of a rare form of bone cancer, which has gradually metastasized all over her body. Despite the deadly illness, she travelled to Kyiv to cheer and support the girls prior to their performance in the grand final. Now, she has decided to terminate her cancer treatment. 
As soon as Isolde returned from Kyiv, a hump was spotted on her neck, which suggested that another tumour was discovered. After a heavy radiotherapy, she has now decided to ultimately stop the necessary treatment due to “complications and poor quality of life”, according to the statement of the girls’ manager.
And lights…
The whole family is now enjoying every single moment they still have together. They are apparently very close and try to talk through and work through all the grief and pain without further complications.
Watch OG3NE’s performance from the grand final here

We, at ESCXTRA would like to wish Lisa, Amy and Shelley and their father Rick love, courage and strength in such hard times. And may their beloved mother/wife follow them spiritually for the rest of their lives. 
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