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Sergey Lazarev and Dima Bilan team up, ask for forgiveness – and score a hit!

In 2008 MTV Russian Music Awards they performed on the same stage together. Nine years later, it was time again. Two pop kings of Russia and former Eurovision entrants Sergey Lazarev (national final 2008, 2016, 3rd place and victory in the televoting) and Dima Bilan (2006, 2008 – first place, national finals 2005 and 2012) joined forces in a brand new song, “Prosti menya” (Forgive Me) on last Friday’s awards’ show Premiya MUZ-Tv, where several other Eurovision-acts won their awards as well.
It was all kept secret…
Rumours of Sergey and Dima performing together in the awards’ show were swirling all over social and mainstream media in Russia during spring, but what their sudden collaboration meant, was kept in doubt. Were they about to perform a medley of their greatest hits? A cover? Or were they doing something else? Couple of weeks prior to the show, it was revealed that Sergey would release a new single soon, but no details were unveiled. On the very day of the awards’ ceremony, it was revealed that Sergey and Dima would be releasing their first duet single, “Prosti menya”, credited simply as Bilan Lazarev. It was later on revealed that them recording the song had been kept a complete secret from the press and the fans of both singers and the song had a grand premiere at the very end of the show and under the evening was also made available on all digital platforms.
It takes two, baby…
The track, a contemporary pop ballad about a lover’s plea for forgiveness, is now a massive success, it was topping iTunes charts in four countries and charting in five countries more for almost a week and Dima and Sergey’s duet performance also made #1 on Muz-TV’s weekly Russian chart. It was written by Roma Kenga (who had previously had a success remixing ABBA’s “Summer Night City” and had worked with a Swedish electro-pop band Gravitonas) and produced by Anton Shaplin (who had worked with Dima Bilan before and also with 2012 interval act Emin).
Listen to the studio version of the song here:
What do you think of Sergey and Dima’s collaboration? Should they do more duets or are they better performing on their own? Should they come back to Eurovision as a duet? Let us know in the comments below and on our social media accounts @ESCXTRA

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