An Xtra Happy Birthday; June 22

Normally I would suggest bringing some sparkle to a birthday party, but to celebrate today’s birthday boy that will not be necessary, thank you very much. He will take care of that himself!
Jeroen van der Boom, of De Toppers fame, turns 45 today, and I have complete faith in his ability to sparkle. Who can ever forget the suits he and the other Toppers wore during their performance in Moscow?! However, as their song was titled “Shine” it was probably to be expected!

Unfortunately for Jeroen and the others; a shiny title (and sparkly suit) doth not a shiny result make… We did not get to see them on stage during the grand final, as they finished 17th in the second semi final.
All of us here at escXtra wish Jeroen an Xtra Happy (and sparkly) Birthday!

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