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Grabbing their moment

JOWST and Aleksander Walmann represented Norway in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv just over a month ago. They brought Norway back into the final and also the top 10 after Agnete’s non-qualification last year. Their song, “Grab the Moment” is turning out to be a huge success story in the history of Eurovision in Norway.

Image; jowst’s instagram

Success for Grab the Moment

“Grab the Moment” has been played approximately 6 mill times on youtube (the six most played videos added up). It is also very close to having sold to double platinum, and it has been streamed more than 10 million times on Spotify! This might not sound like much out there in the big world, but is definitely not something that happens every day in Norway! Not with any song, and for sure not with a Eurovision entry!

The official video for Grab the Moment has been viewed almost 3.4 million times! 

Some music experts are now thinking that this success might lead to more known and respected singers and songwriters wanting to take part in Melodi Grand Prix, in the hope achieving the same kind of success.

Image; Stig Karlsen’s instagram

JOWST and Aleksander at VGlistaTopp20

If you happen to be in Oslo tonight, you can catch JOWST and Alexander performing at one of the main pop happenings in Norway during summer; VGlistaTopp20. This is a concert organized by one of Norway’s largest newspapers, VG. The concert travels the country, and the artists performing are the most popular ones, according to the VGlista chart. The concert in Oslo is actually the biggest in Scandinavia! Two years ago they had both Måns Zelmerlöv and Guy Sebastian on the stage!

Image; jowst’s instagram

VGlistaTopp20 2017

“Grab the Moment” spent 12 weeks on VGlista, peaking in 6th place, making it one of the songs you can hear during the VGlista summer tour 2017. Other artists who will perform are Freddy Kalas (MGP 2016), Gabrielle, Cezinando, Julie Bergan, Dagny, Mø, Nico & Vinz and Markus & Martinus (MGPjr winners 2012, gave the points for Norway 2017). If you want to watch the concert live, you may do so here (June 24, starting at 5.10pm cet).

Image; Aleksander’s instagram
This is turning out to be quite a week for JOWST and Aleksander, and we can tell you already that we will publish an article that includes one of them on Monday too!  

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  • Денис Хомяков

    Glad for them, Loved that song with my family.

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