An Xtra Happy Birthday; June 24th

Some days there are no Eurovision birthdays, but today is definitely not one of those days! No less than three Eurostars celebrate their birthdays today, and two of them were even born in the same year. Can we perhaps call them Eurovision twins? 
We will not change the tradition of “age before beauty” (cuz beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, while someone’s age is pretty  much not up for discussion…). And first out today is a Spaniard like no other; Rodolfo Chiquilicuatre!
Rodolfo represented Spain in 2008, with the song Baila el Chiki-chiki. He finished in 16th place, to many a Eurovision fan’s despair, but this song has also brought much joy to the Eurovers. Like the somg or not; it is very hard not to smile and dance along when it comes on!
Rodolfo was born in 1972, which means he’s celebrating his 45 birthday today!!

Our “Eurovision birthday twins”, who are both turning 31 today, are Vilja Mataciunaite and Bojana Stamenov, and since they’re the exact same age we’ll use Eurovision year to decide who gets to go first.
And that would be Vilja, who represented Lithuania in the 2014 Eurovision in Copenhagen. She just failed to qualify when she finished in 11th place in her semi final. She performed her own song “Attention”, something she did get enough of after the contest, when she became the runaway winner of the Barbara Dex Award.

Bojana represented Serbia the year after, when the contest was hosted in Vienna. She came 9th in her semi final, and thereby just made it to Saturday’s grand final. In the final she and her song “Beauty Never Lies” just made it into the top 10, when she finished in 10th place.

Join all of us here at escXtra as we erupt in a (probably rather questionable) performance of “Happy Birthday to you!” for these three stars of the Euroverse!  

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