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Review: Eurovision Song Contest Kyiv 2017 Blu-ray

This is the second ever Blu-ray release of the Eurovision Song Contest, with the only other being of 2011’s contest in Düsseldorf. 
The package comes with three Blu-ray discs: two containing the first and second semi finals in full alongside bonus content and disc three containing the grand final in full. As well of course being a way to watch the contest over and over again, one major advantage of these releases is it is presented in it’s original form – there is no commentary, interviews or VTs from host broadcasters and no phone numbers on screen.
Eurovision 2017 Blu-ray Package


For each final you have the option to view it in full or select from each of the artists. There is also an ‘Information Track On/Off’ option giving you biographies of each artist during the postcards. Thankfully this comes as just subtitle text at the bottom of the screen, so doesn’t distract like the TV commentary.
As well as chapters for each song, you can skip to each of the presenters’ introductions or say the jury points to the televoting points. The only thing missing I would of liked to see was a popup menu. This is something Blu-rays can do which DVDs can’t and that is to bring up a menu while the video is still playing. It would of been nice to browse and skip to another song without interrupting the current song that was playing.
The bonus material comes in two parts. On disc one is a short twenty minute feature on the lead up to the contest with footage from the national finals, pre-parties and behind the scenes in Kyiv. Those who followed the Youtube coverage will be familiar with what is presented here. (so much so a lot of what you see is already on their channel) Disc two simply contains the winner’s press conference in full.

Picture & Sound Quality

As far as picture and sound quality goes this is the best you can possibly get. Everything is crisp, sharp and as you might remember if you watched it live, maybe even better than that. The sound is a definite step up offering 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. It attempts to mimic the ‘being there’ feeling by filling your room with the music and cheers from the audience.
Three Blu-ray Discs
In all, a decent package and great souvenir of the contest. In the months and years ahead you can relive the contest knowing you’re viewing it in the best possible quality. Let’s hope we will continue to see high definition releases of the contest in future years. (and maybe one day 4K!)
The Eurovision Song Contest Kyiv 2017 Blu-ray is available from The Official Eurovision Shop and other major retailers.
What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a Blu-ray release every year from now on?  

Tom O'Donoghue

Music photographer based in Somerset, United Kingdom. Photographer for London Eurovision Party.

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