An Xtra Happy Birthday; June 27th

Today’s Xtra happy birthday wishes go out to two very different singers. However, they do have two things in common.  1) They both represented their countries at Eurovision when Sweden played host to  the contest, though not in the same year. 2) They’re both celebrating their birthdays today. (Sorry; I just had to!)

Lozano, 32

Lozano (Vlatko Lozanoski) performed the  Macedonian entry in the 2013 Eurovision when it was hosted in Malmö. He performed the duet “Pred da se razdeni” with the “queen of the Gypsies”, Esma. By sending these two singers, both famous and popular throughout the Balkans, qualification to the final should be garanteed. However, they only managed to get enough points to reach 16th place in the second semi. Lozano turns 32 today, and we wish him an Xtra super birthday!

Gabriela, 23

Today’s birthday girl is Gabriela Guncikova. Gabriela is the first (and so far also the only) Czech artist to have qualified to the Eurovision final. She did so at the 2016 Eurovision in Stockholm, due to her 9th place in the first semi. In the final, however, she only managed to finish 25th out of 26 participants. In spite of the bad result, her song “I Stand” is still loved by many fans. Today, Gabriela turns 23, and we send her Xtra warm greetings on this happy day!

All of us here at escXtra wish Lozano and Gabriela the happiest of birthdays!

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