LISTEN NOW: Anja Nissen finds her place with her ‘Where I Am’ EP

While we were on the ground in Kyiv for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Anja Nissen released her brand new EP Where I Am. The 6-song collection, released on May 5th, was just a matter of hours before we had the Danish-Australian vocal powerhouse on our ESCXTRA press centre live stream! Anja gave us some exclusive insight in regards to her EP and also gave us some live snippets of the songs too.

“I’m really excited that I wrote all the songs on my EP”

Talking about her EP, Anja told us “they are all fun songs, really bam bam bam bam!”, referring to the EDM nature of several of the songs. “I’m really excited that I wrote all the songs on my EP”, Anja continues. “They are co-writes and they all came from ideas that I had from personal experiences like breaking up, heartbreak, or dating”. You can see Anja talk about the EP from 15 minutes into our video below!

Anja’s first completely original multi-song collection

The Where I Am EP is Anja’s first multi-song collection since her debut self-titled album released in 2014. The album, released shortly after her victory on The Voice of Australia, consisted mostly of covers she performed on the show. Therefore, this EP is her first completely original record! In the words of Anja’s official debut single, I’m So Excited!

Empire is a really personal song”

During our live stream chat with Anja in Kyiv, she also opened up on the meaning of the final track on the EP, Empire. “Empire is a really personal song about how no-one will ever know the journey that you’ve been through.”

“We all exist in this day-to-day life, we all go through struggles and stuff but no-one will ever know the extent of what you’ve been through”, Anja continues. “We all have different stories and different journeys that we’ve been on but we’re all little empires and we can protect ourselves.” Anja explains that the lyrics of the chorus sum up the meaning of the song: “Every bruise, every scar, it has made us who we are”. “No-one can tear us down, no-one can bring us down. No matter what we’ve been through, we’ll never fade away.”

Stream Where I Am – EP by Anja Nissen on Apple Music

Stream Where I Am– EP by Anja Nissen on Spotify

Go and listen now!

We haved loved Anja’s EP ever since we first listened to the tracks following her visit to our live stream in Kyiv! It surprised us how EDM-influenced a large amount of the EP is purely because of Where I Am‘s mid-tempo nature. Nevertheless, Anja’s vocals are so effortless and suit so many types of music. This EP certainly feels like Anja has found her place and she definitely knows Where She Is now!

Have you listened to Anja’s EP yet? Which is your favourite track? Let us know in the comments section below and via our social media pages @ESCXTRA!

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