An Xtra Happy Birthday; June 28th

Just like yesterday, we have two birthdays to celebrate today! Unlike yesterday, though, today we have two birthday boys! In addition to being male and celebrating their birthdays today they also have another thing in common. They both wrote the song they performed!
As we always do, we’ll start with the oldest of the two.

Harun, 40

Harun Tekin is the lead singer, guitarist and one of the founding members of the Turkish rock band Mor ve ötesi. They represented Turkey at the 2008 Eurovision in Belgrade with the brilliant “Deli”. After finishing 2nd in their semi, they went on to claim the same spot in the grand final. “Deli” was the last Turkish entry in Turkish, at least for now. Harun is celebreating the big 4-0 today!

Marats, 34

Marats Ogleznevs represented Latvia in the 2011 Eurovision in Dusseldorf. As part of the male duo Musiqq he performed his own song “Angel in Disguise”. They finished 17th out of 19th in their semi, thus not making it to the final.

We here at escXtra hope that Harun and Marats both have Xtra super birthdays today!! 

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